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The Vision of GIRBC

GIRBC is a congregation of sinners saved by grace who are unified around a biblically based vision. It is our vision to…..

Be a Spiritual Family

At Grace Immanuel, all ethnic heritages are welcome and respected.   We strive to maintain an atmosphere of closeness and gospel acceptance of all Christ’s people.

Grow in Grace and Truth

It is our passion to be increasingly grounded in God’s Word so that we will continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Take the Gospel to Grand Rapids

There are needy souls all around us in Grand Rapids, and it is our aim, with love and zeal to take get gospel of Jesus Christ to them in any and every way consistent with scripture.

Advance God’s Truth in the World

Our vision is worldwide. We desire to impact the lives of as many people in as many places as possible by taking God’s truth beyond the borders of our local communities.

Show Compassion to the Needy

We not only want to “preach” the gospel but to live it before a watching world. One of the things we are committed to as a church is showing benevolence to the needy. This is not a technique to grow our church but a practical way to simply love people to the glory of God.

Worship with Reverence and Joy

The Lord has blessed us with a great measure of Spirit filled worship. We strive to have worship services that are characterized by a climate of godly fear and holy joy.

Pass on our Heritage

No small part of our vision is to “pass on the torch” of a biblically based Christ centered church to the next generation. So, we are looking beyond the “here and now” and are preparing for the future of the church.

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