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Evangelizing our Children: The Biblical Context

Evangelizing our children is not an activity distinct from our daily training and nurture of them. If we train and nurture them as Paul outlines for us in Ephesians 6:1-4 then that training and nurture will be evangelistic. In this message I address the the biblical context in which we are to evangelize our children:

-A healthy church life

-A healthy home life Read more »


Prayer and Fasting

Our church will be observing a day of prayer and fasting this coming Saturday, 1/26/13. Have you ever wondered why we would should fast as New Testament believers? This message does not deal with all of the  issues associated with fasting, but it does point us in the right direction. Read more »


The Tragic Story of Judas, Pt 5

Jesus interrupted the meal to announce that one of the twelve was going to betray him. The eleven genuine disciples became unglued and each began to inquire if he were the one. This also included a discussion among the disciples as to which one of them it could be (John 13:22). It appears that none of them had the slightest reason to suspect any specific man. However, Peter, in usual form stepped up to the plate and discreetly put another disciple up to asking Jesus to identify the betrayer (John 13:23-24).[1] So, reclining on Jesus’ chest, within inches of his ear, John asked the question, “Lord, who is it?” (John 13:25 NAS).  Read more »


Bible Based New Year’s Resolutions, Pt 6

Resolutions 61-70 Read more »


Bible Based New Year’s Resolutions, Pt 5

Resolutions 46-60 Read more »


Bible Based New Year’s Resolutions, Pt 4

Resolutions 31-45  Read more »


Bible Based New Year’s Resolutions, Pt 3

Mr. Edwards obviously thought carefully about his life and had a tremendous desire to honor his Lord in every way (1 Cor 10:31).  Let’s pray in that disposition.

Here are some more of his resolutions. Much to digest! Read more »


Bible Based New Year’s Resolutions, Pt 2

Ok. Here we go! Listed below are resolutions Jonathan Edwards made as a young Christian man. I will post several at a time. See if you can think of a scriptural basis for each as you read through them. Enjoy, and may the Lord use this as a means to make us more holy in 2012.  Read more »


Bible Based New Year’s Resolutions, Pt 1

It is that time of year again. The holidays are over and you may be feeling like one of those animals in my little boy’s room-STUFFED!!! Though the holidays can be enjoyable, perhaps many of you are glad for things to be back to business as usual. Maybe you are also, as many are at this time, thinking about goals for 2012 you would like to accomplish in the various spheres of your life. Of course, there are the proverbial New Year’s resolutions. Things you are resolved to do in the year ahead. You start off determined, ready and raring to go. You are dead serious that this year is the year that you are going to…… matter how much rootin,’ tootin’ and shootin’ that has to be done. Making such resolutions is not wrong in and of itself. God having made us in His image, has designed us to be goal oriented, and to enjoy a sense of satisfaction when those goals are reached. However, for the Christian, his most important goals are focused upon his relationship to Christ and his growth in grace. When Jonathan Edwards was 22 years old he wrote several things he resolved to do with respect to his life as a Christian man. I am going to be posting a series of articles listing several of those resolutions. But before we get started, I want to set out  three perspectives that should be the framework in which Christians should make similar resolutions. Read more »


The Tragic Story of Judas Iscariot, Pt 2

Why did Judas betray Jesus?  Consider one commonly held view. Judas had embraced the pop theology concerning the Messiah. There was no room for a concept of the Messiah as Jehovah’s Suffering Servant. When He arrived on the scene, He would manifest his glory and power, overthrow the Romans, and set up His eternal kingdom. Judas signed up with Jesus eagerly waiting for that moment to arrive. However, as His earthly ministry developed, it became increasingly clear to Judas that Jesus would not meet those expectations. He became disillusioned, perhaps bitter. What really pushed him over the edge was when Jesus began to speak plainly about going to Jerusalem, not to manifest His glory, but to die. That was enough. In his state of disillusionment and unbelief he did something that will haunt him for all eternity. I am quite certain that Judas held to that view of Messiah, but the Scripture does not give us that as the answer. It is speculation. If it did play a role, there had to be more serious underlying factors, especially when you realize that the other disciples had the same misguided hopes (Mt 16:16-23; Lk 24:19-27, 44-48; Ac 1:6-7) So, why did Judas do it? Read more »