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GIRBC 2014 Pastors Fraternal

GIRBC 2014 Pastors Fraternal March 3-4 2014

“How to Handle Problems in the Ministry”

Speaker: Dr. Joel Beeke Read more »


Prayer and Fasting

Our church will be observing a day of prayer and fasting this coming Saturday, 1/26/13. Have you ever wondered why we would should fast as New Testament believers? This message does not deal with all of the  issues associated with fasting, but it does point us in the right direction. Read more »


Ministry to Orphans: What God says

What is an orphan? What does God’s Word say about how Christians should respond to this great need? Read more »


Orphan Sunday 2012: Deepen our Compassion

May the Lord use today to continue and deepen our compassion!  Read more »


Orphan Sunday 2012: Francis Chan

Tomorrow morning we are going to be considering what the Word of God says about how Christians should respond to a crying need all across this globe-millions of orphans. It is not just a problem in a distant somewhere else. There are thousands all around us, right under our noses. But what should be our greatest motivation to get involved in this type of ministry? The gospel and the fact that God has shown us mercy in Christ has adopted us into His family. Therefore, showing love to these precious children ought to flow out of the love God our Father has lavished on us. Watch what Francis Chan has to say about this. Read more »


Orphan Sunday 2012: Security

Read more »


Orphan Sunday 2012

This coming Lord’s Day many churches will be having a special focus on ministering to orphans. We are joining in and will also be placing a special emphasis upon the crying need for Christians to be aware of just how vast this area of ministry really is and what God says about it in His Word. Read more »