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Dealing with the Past, Pt 4

The more I continue in the Christian life, the more I am convinced of how crucial it is to be balanced. In fact, to be balanced as a Christian we will make you seem at times as though you are contradicting yourself and talking ‘out both sides of your mouth’. This is no less the case when it comes to dealing with your past in a biblical way. In the last post we saw that the scripture does not teach that we should totally forget our past sins once they have been forgiven. However, as contradictory as it may sound, the scripture teaches that we should forget the past. Huh?!?!?? See what I mean? It sounds contradictory. But it is not. It is all about perspective. The scripture teaches that from one perspective we are not to forget. It is a means to keep us humble and praise the glorious Christ who has saved us out of our mess. Yet, the scripture teaches us that from another perspective we are to forget it and leave it behind us. Read more »


Dealing with the Past, Pt 3

Should we forget past sin once it is forgiven? It might seem it, especially in light of a verse like Hebrews 8:12, “For I will be merciful to their iniquities, and I will remember their sins no more” (NAS). That is one of the chief blessings of the New Covenant. When a sinner is brought to repentance and faith in Christ God forgives and forgets his sin. However, a verse like that is sometimes misunderstood. That New Covenant promise simply means that God does not remember our sins against us and treats us accordingly. It does not mean that He suffers from self-inflicted amnesia and is no longer conscious of our past sins. It is important that we recognize that because if we think that the former is the case, then it can lead to wrong applications to Christian experience. Perhaps you have heard it said, “God has forgotten my past, and therefore, so should I. From this moment on,  I will never again reflect upon my past life of sin.”  Now that is commendable because it is an effort to express just how completely God has forgiven us, but it is not an accurate application. Ironically, it robs the Christian of blessing and motivation. Should we remember our past? Absolutely.  Read more »