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Private Devotions: A Balanced Approach to a Common Problem, Pt 4

As I start to write this post….I just do not feel well. I am not sure what it is, but I definitely have a touch of something. So, as I wait for my warm lunch to cook on the stove I am very conscious that there are times when we do not feel very spiritual and do not feel like doing spiritual things. Sometimes the most spiritual thing we can do is eat something, take some medicine and sleep (I Kings 19:1-8). Again, there can be various and legitimate reasons that we do not feel like spending time in the Word of God and prayer. However, we must discipline ourselves to press against our feelings and to what needs to be done. Yet, there is more than just discipline. In the last post we considered two things concerning those times when are feelings are working against us. In this one we will look at another one, and then bring it to a completion next time.¬† Read more »


New Movie Coming out Soon: Captivated

This movie is coming out sometime next month. I cannot give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down, but it has peaked my interest. Read more »


Private Devotions: A Balanced Approach to a Common Problem, Pt 3

Discipline. What? Yes! It takes good old¬†fashioned discipline to maintain a healthy relationship with the Lord and to grow in holiness (1 Tim 4:7-8). Last time I encouraged you to join the gym and get started on a regimen of spending time in God’s Word and communing with Him in prayer. However, is that all there is to it? Certainly not? You’re right. There is more. To stop with discipline would be terribly imbalanced. In the next three posts I am going to address the relationship between our feelings and our private times with the Lord. Specifically, I am going to try and shed some light on those times (which come more often than we like) when we do not feel like it. These are not in any specific order of priority, and again, this is not exhaustive. Hopefully though, it is enough to be of some help. Read more »


Private Devotions: A Balanced Approach to a Common Problem, Pt 2

In the last post I began to address a common problem we face when it comes to setting aside times for bible study and prayer. On the one hand, we can fall into the trap of letting our feelings and moods determine the frequency and depth of our private times with the Lord. On the other hand, there is the extreme of becoming satisfied only with the fact that we are consistent. So, how do we deal with this tension biblically? Well, here is my best shot at giving some help while fully confessing that I also wrestle with this tension. This is not an attempt to be exhaustive. More things could be said. However, I hope it is adequate to be of some help in this struggle to which none of us is immune. Read more »


Private Devotions: A Balanced Approach to a Common Problem, Pt 1

Developing a consistent devotional life in private (scripture reading and prayer) can be difficult for many Christians. No small part of the struggle is that the flesh begins to war against the Spirit as soon as we begin to engage in these “life-support” disciplines. But, that is only one problem we encounter when it comes to times of private devotion. There is another problem-going through the motions of empty forms. Let me explain. Read more »